11 days of killing

Jan 15, 2015
Ian McAllister

Since the surprise announcement that the Canadian province of British Columbia was beginning an immediate aerial kill program that would leave over 180 wild wolves dead by hunters in helicopters, the international condemnation has been significant. Thousands of letters and emails have been sent and Ministry phone lines have been ringing off the hook from people expressing their outrage. Over 130,000 people have signed the petition opposing the wolf kill and over 500 people have donated over $40,000 to Pacific Wild’s Indiegogo campaign to stop this wildlife tragedy. This is an incredible show of support for B.C.’s threatened wolves. Thank you.

But this is a bittersweet issue. We know that tomorrow morning helicopters are rising to the sky and with the aid of satellite tracking collars (placed on the wolves a year ago by the B.C. government), packs of wolves will be shot and left to die a cruel and inhumane death. Wolves did not cause the decline of caribou in B.C., but government did. Years of habitat destruction and unbridled human access to sensitive caribou habitat has caused the decline and as a final act of desperation and diversion, wolves are being scapegoated by the B.C. government.

This wolf kill is happening because of government negligence and we can’t allow wolves to pay for it.

Pacific Wild is researching a legal strategy to end this kill. We cannot allow the culling of a species to become a standard wildlife management tool in B.C.. We also believe that the hunt is breaking the government's own animal cruelty laws. It states that animals must be inspected after being shot to ensure they are dead and not wounded - but we know that these helicopters are unable to land in most areas where the wolves are being hunted.

With the Save the BC Wolves Indiegogo campaign we are supporting ground crews in the field who are actively working to document the kill program. We are designing ads for a new public campaign that will bring this issue front and centre to British Columbians. Pacific Wild is working for the day that wolves are not “managed” but viewed as icons of our spectacular planet. We are over 80% towards our crowd funding campaign.

If every person who has singed the Save B.C. Wolves petition over the last few days supported this campaign we would reach our goal by tomorrow.

Support B.C. wolves; support Pacific Wild’s crowd funding campaign. Forward the petition, write our politicians. If we don’t stop this now it will become standard management practice for B.C’s wildlife for many years to come.

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