Filming in Heiltsuk Territory

Pacific Wild is headquartered in Heiltsuk First Nation Territory, within in the Great Bear Rainforest. 

Any project interested in filming this area for a public audience must first obtain authorization from the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department's (HIRMD) Research Department by completing the following steps:  

  1. Complete a HIRMD film application form (download here)
  2. Submit form to Maria Martin and Harvey Humchitt
  3. Receive approval from the HIRMD Board

Please note completion of the application does not mean your application will be approved. Applications are reviewed by the board on a monthly basis, and applicants will be contacted when a decision is reached. We suggest applicants budget 2 months for the review process. If you have questions about your application or the application process generally, please contact Maria Martin or Harvey Humchitt at +250.957.2303 ext. 226. 

While Pacific Wild does not sponsor third party applicants during HIRMD's review and is not involved in the application process, please do note in your application if you intend to work with Pacific Wild during this project. Pacific Wild is also happy to offer informal advise regarding proposed locations and subjects prior to your application's submission. 

Work with Pacific Wild

If you intend to work with Pacific Wild, please forward us a record of your completed application once submitted. Pacific Wild will not initiate project discussions with teams or individuals until an application to HIRMD has been submitted, and no production work can begin until Pacific Wild receives an e-copy of your application's approval. As noted above, we suggest applicants budget 2 months for the review process and ask that they factor that into their film production timelines.

Filming outside Heiltsuk Territory

Please note that Pacific Wild's policy of not initiating projects before an application has been submitted also applies to other First Nation Territories within the Great Bear Rainforest, each of which have separate procedures for granting approval of film proposals. If you are unsure of which First Nation has jurisdiction for your particular film location, please contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate governing entity.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to working with you!